Announcing our new website!

Figured I’d drop in and post a quick blog explaining what’s what. This is – unless you haven’t noticed, we finally pulled the pin on our new website. It’s still about 95% completed but we’re at the point were we need to have the site accessible to finish it up. It’s been a labor of love, that’s for sure, with 14 hour days for the last month or so. No Twitter, no Facebook, no nothing. Not a moment too soon too. The .ca version of our site was always the poor cousin, starved for attention as we tended to our main site and it’s been a complete mess for a couple of years. Last update on this site was 2011, when it kinda died on the vine for a whole bunch of reasons, some of which I’ll tell you about someday. Some I can’t. That left dozens of pages full of lorem ipsum fake type and placeholder images that certainly wouldn’t have boosted the confidence of anyone who stumbled in here. Not that many did, we had sunk like a stone on Google and our traffic had evaporated. The site wasn’t responsive, was incoherent in the navigation department. And on, and on..

Taking it live.

Anyhoo, she’s up, she’s live and humming along quite nicely, despite the use of some rather large images throughout. Not that we can rest on our laurels now – it’s time to start adding content. Our logo galleries are a bit bereft at the moment – we’ve had to resize every single image so that they work seamlessly with the portfolio software we’re using. Articles in the help section are being held back quite deliberately. No point on blowing our brains out on those all at once – better to publish them one at a time, ping Google and various feeds to gain back some search engine traction that we’ve lost as a result of inactivity. For those who like to keep score on such things, this is the third version of our Canadian website (9th for our .com) – here’s a timeline of all our website changes, starting back at our initial launch in 1996 (below.)
We registered the .ca site around 2000 (if memory serves) and it was reflective of the .com version at various points, which considering the current state of that site, ain’t necessarily a good thing (we’re simultaneously working on that one too, it’s just so much bigger that there’ll be a lag time of a few weeks before we switch it over.)

Holdovers & legacies.

We’ll be leaving the old Factor blog up-and-running as a legacy version for the time being so all our old posts are still available for anyone who’s interested. Trouble is, there’s an awful lot of material that’s still relevant so over the next months, we’ll port our more classic scribblings – posts that haven’t become stale-dated and are still applicable – and republish them in our new ICYMI – In Case You Missed It – category (you may also bump into the occasional test post as we work out some last minute hinkies.) Once that’s done, we’ll archive the first Factor once and for all and our old blog – online since September 30th, 2005 will be a thing of the past.

New stuff.

New features included a nifty (and more importantly) easy to update gallery section, a responsive framework (that still has a few bugs we need to iron out.) Google thinks we’re “mobile friendly” which is good, because it was bad when it didn’t. We also have a dedicated Twitter account for this site. Amy’s managing that one. For those of you who care about such things, the site is built on Elegant Themes‘ phenomenal DIVI WordPress theme and while there’s some tweaky stuff on the CSS and a few drawbacks to using shortcode driven sites, I can’t say enough about that. We’re using a minimal number of plug-ins (7 installed at the moment) and we’ve actually starting writing a style guide so that there’s consistency throughout the site. The site’s almost too clean for my personal tastes (I tend to lean towards a clown car vibe) but initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Moving forward..

Now that we’re almost settled in, gonna try and get back to a fairly regular posting schedule cause a pretty site ain’t any good unless there’s new stuff on it. That means new tutorials, articles and a mess of new logo work that’s sitting in the wings.

In closing, thanks for joining us. Hope you enjoy the new digs.