New. A semi-regular blog feature – curating & commenting on design, logo & branding news from across Canada and around the world.

We’ve run Snippets on our core blog for a couple of years now as an on again, off again feature (mostly off) that curates and assemble interesting logo & design related news from all over the world. As this is the .ca version of our core site, figured it might be worthwhile to do the same thing here, but with a particular focus on Canadian design. Not exactly sure how regular this can be – other than the regular stuff that emanates from Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Canuck-centric design news can be either very dry or of the “feast or famine” variety. We’re certainly willing to give it a whirl so without further ado, we present the first ever Canadian Snippets, mostly because we’ve got nothing better to do on this Labor Day long weekend..

Hockey. Canada. Logo.

As this is the inaugural edition of Snippets on this site, seems only fitting..

Aaaand more hockey.

This one is nicer though.

Much, much nicer..


It isn’t a logo. It’s a vehicle wrap. The logo is at the back end of said truck.

Yeah, thanks a lot.

How do you drive a load of OCD suffering designers around the bend? Tell them something like this. Thanks 7-Eleven

Core blog.

Remember we were telling you about Snippets on our core site? Well, here’s the Twitter announcement for that too.

Design & the Feds.

Why design thinking is a thing. And why it should matter to the Feds in Ottawa.

Design Canada Twitter.

These guys seem on top of Canadian design stuff. Worth a follow if you don’t already. Their profile pic is the Canada 150th logo, but it’s upside down – the universal sign of distress. Which gives you an idea what they think about the design contest that resulted in said 150th logo.

Creative Farming.

Joey Bats gets down up in a New Brunswick corn maze. Or maize. Or whatever. It’s not Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

Toronto Exhibit.

If you’re staying in the GTA this long weekend, probably worth taking a look.

Toronto Maple Leafs.

More hockey. More logo. This time on the ice at the Air Canada Centre.

When logos collide.

Snoop’s new weed brand logo is catching some flak on the alleged similarity with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Don’t get it myself, but then I don’t have a building full of lawyers just waiting for this kind of stuff to show up on my desk.

Another allegedly racist sports logo.

This time the mayor wants it gone and the clock is ticking..

Toronto Trash Pandas.

When The Blue Jays and Pandas collide, they create this kinda nifty logo mashup. Available on T-shirts because why the hell not?

One does not (allegedly) borrow bits of the Raptors logo.

Sports fans tend to take this kind of stuff very seriously. As do lawyers sitting in that building we just talked about. This fella seems to have a point too..

Sears Canada gets a new logo.

Reaction ranges from “meh” to full-core meltdown on the awfulness of it all.

Okay, what’s this design thinking stuff all about?

Apparently Canada is leading the way though, which is good, once we all find out when it means.


But you probably could have told us that a little earlier.

Montreal Olympics logo.

Thirty years old, but this classic is still a favorite for many design fans.

Yes, another hockey bit.

This time Niagara Falls and a sweet little Ice Dogs anniversary logo.

The CBC Exploding Pineapple.

Sign the petition to get the CBC Graphic Manual released. It’s a beauty. As is the lovely logo that’s featured within.

Grey Cup.

The Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup logo looks a lot like the old one.

The Ontario Trillum.

What article about Canadian design would be complete without a nod to the old Ontario Trillium mark. One of the best examples of simplistic & iconic logo design that still represents and is recognizable as, the real world object on which it’s based. Beautiful and timeless stuff.

New Alpine Canada logo.

Sure hockey is it, but skiing’s gotta rank up there too. Accordingly, a new ski logo piece..

Canada’s “hyperactive” illustrator.

Whatever that means..