How we’ve changed over the years

Since we launched our first website twenty years ago, The Logo Factory has undergone many revisions, face lifts and overhauls. Here’s a look at the major incarnations of our online studio: The Logo Factory Timeline

1996 – 1998: The Freebie Years

The original Logo Factory as it appeared as part of Steve Douglas‘ personal portfolio site. That website was a 10 MB freebie given away with a $39.00 per month dial-up internet access account. The Internet was in its infancy, Google didn’t exist yet and the major search engines were AltaVista and Infoseek. Both featured ‘on the fly’ indexing so search engine results could be manipulated quickly and relatively easily. Douglas’ site rose to number 1 on all search engines for the phrase “logo design” and demand quickly swamped his kitchen-table roots.

1998 – 1999: Into The Corporate World

The first official site on The Logo Factory .com domain. It was a fairly simple site featuring a logo gallery, order forms and client access pages. Due to bandwidth concerns of the day, logo images were much smaller than what we can get away with now.

1999 – 2000: Nothing Succeeds Like Excess

Introduction of Flash animation. Expansion of logo design articles and technical tutorial library and the site became very popular with designers. Galleries were expanded to feature full-size images and thumbnail galleries, unchanged to present. First version of Logos in a Box is launched. Taking our lead, stock logos becomes standard fare with many design companies. We shuttered the site a few months later, realizing that the stock logo business model was at odds with our primary focus. Taking a “if you can’t beat ’em” approach, we’d relaunch Logos in a Box a decade later.

2001 – 2002: The Purple Years

Affectionately known as ‘the purple site’ this version of our website featured a clickable flash intro complete with sound. Introduction of the Daily Logo and Daily Logo Archives. For its day the site was a bandwidth hog – heavy with graphics – to address complaints from others on our shared platform, we had to move our domain to a managed private server (MPS.) The days of freebie and cheap hosting were over.

2003 – 2008: We Lose Focus

Extensive use of flash logo animation. This site was around for almost 5 years, and as a result became unfocused and ‘cluttered’ as new material and features were posted and bolted on. Chat and search functions were added. The site has grown to over 800 pages but is over-linked and confusing to navigate. In 2006, we officially celebrate our 10th anniversary.



2009 - 2015: Getting Caught Up With CMS. Losing Out On Responsive

For the first time in fifteen years, we changed our logo to the version we’re using now. Our site is converted to a CMS platform and streamlined, with a slightly less confusing navigation system and hierarchy. Our logo design portfolio is converted to a simple thumbnail & slide version. We miss the boat completely on ‘responsive’ design, as our entire site would need to be converted. We’ll work on this mobile-friendly version for months – and if you’re reading this, it’s finally gone live.



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