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Internal branding & logo projects at the shop

It might be said that a logo design & branding company’s own brand is the true test of their capabilities. After all, there’ll never be more effort, more angst and more effort put into another. Here’s some of the internal brands we’ve developed for our own studio so you can judge for yourself.

PixelWürx New Media

Envisioned as a boutique version of The Logo Factory but focused on animation & web development PW has been an internal labor of love for a very long time. Take a look at the latest incarnation.


The Logo! Factor

This internal project started out as a way to help potential site visitors who had misspelled our web address. Wasn’t long before it took on a life of its own & became one of our more colorful brands.


Pixel & Vector

To illustrate our logo format guide, and rather than go with dry & technical, we decided to brand the entire shebang with a couple of lovable cartoon characters – Pixel & Vector.



To showcase our passion for logos, we created a brand around Logopalooza – cribbed from the indie music festival of the similar name. Like everything around our shop,it needed a logo, so we pushed the envelope a little..

Power Colors

In this increasingly visual world, a great color scheme is critical to the success of any branding efforts. How do we develop colors with sound theory & psychology? This color system, because we made it. The logo too, natch.


Logo Licks

When it came to branding our Flash animation services, we eschewed a gimmicky high-tech approach, taking a gimmicky retro approach instead. The creative brief on this project was simply – “like and ice cream cone.”


Logos in a Box

Back in 2000, nobody had even dreamed of stock logos, let alone selling them over the internet. That’s when we came up with Logos in a Box. Shortly thereafter, the hate mail started.


We Made These!

Walking our talk. Internal brands & logos for our own services & merch.

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