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Soundtracks from The Logo Factory podcasts

When we were developing Flash logo animations and videos, some of our more ambitious projects required sound and music files. So did our podcasts. Sampling tracks from our favorite CDs was out of the question (copyright and all that) and free stuff lying about the Internet just didn’t cut it. Being a creative lot, we figured we could do better which led to some musical experimentation which resulted in some pretty decent tunage. Like everything at The Logo Factory, this musical experiment needed a ‘brand’ and a logo. Thus our in-house band, The Vox Underground, was born. Not exactly Grammy award material just yet, but pretty nifty nonetheless. A few tracks that we’ve been tinkering with..

The official soundtrack for our podcasts. Latin themed background music that was designed to ‘fit’ with the overall Logopalooza brand, theme and atmosphere.

File size: 2.32 MB

Features choir track, live acoustic and electric guitar as well as sampled orchestral backing. Atmospheric and moody sound doesn’t really lend itself to an up-beat visual presentation.

File size: 5 MB

Upbeat track featuring a range of synthesizers, drum machines and verbal samples. Originally developed as a background track for our podcast series but ditched for a more thematic track.

File size: 5.39 MB

Funky little track features some Asian instrumentation, live drums, keyboards and a few home-made samples pinched from the TV. This is the track for our first logo design video.

File size: 5 MB

Uplifitng little track weighs in a just over 3 minutes. Created entirely with MIDI driven instruments and drum sequencers. ‘ARP’d keyboard adds a little bit of European flair.

File size: 3 MB

One of our first recordings. A fairly raucous track (probably better to turn the sound system down a bit). Contains samples, drum computers, live keyboards and guitar.

File size: 4 MB


What we use

Compositions are created using Reason sequencers, Ableton’s Live! mixing, and Cubase. Operating system is an old Apple G5 running OS X. Keyboards by Korg. Audio interface by Audiophile. Guitars by Gibson. Tracks available on this page are not licensed for commercial use and are for personal use only. All other rights reserved.

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