Design & Layout
  • Design & layout of your branded stationery – letterhead, business cards & envelope. We’ll deliver print-ready files and you’re good to go.

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Design & Layout
  • Stationery design is offered as a discounted rate if ordered with Entry & Professional logo packages or any of our Logo Repair services. Stationery design is INCLUDED with our Gold & Platinum logo packages.

Stationery Design Pricing

Letterhead business card(s) & envelope

We always recommend that you reproduce your logo on every scrap of paper that leaves your office – particularly true of your letterhead, envelopes and business cards, your company’s foot soldiers. They promote your business, service or product as they make their way around from one pair of eyes to the next and in an ever-competitive world, you better make sure that your material grabs the attention of your desired audience before your competition.


Pricing – $195.00

Full payment of $195.00 payable upon project submission.

Preliminary Design Delivery:

5 business days. Exclusive Factory Floor client page for your project.

Number Of Initial Preliminary Designs:

2 preliminary designs. Generally speaking, we design your business cards first, and once they’re approved, we ‘port’ the design onto letterhead and envelope layout.

Maximum Preliminary Designs:

4 available. 2 additional unique version of your Stationery design (after preliminary designs have been presented).

Maximum Number Of Design Revisions:

Up to 3 design revisions or edits (revision rounds) to the preliminary Stationery design of your choice. Revisions can generally be turned around in 2 business days**. Once allotment of design revisions have been used up, subsequent stationery edits may be subject to additional hourly billing. Certain simple edits can still be performed at no charge.

Artwork Delivered:

Our stationery design package includes the creation of your stationery artwork – letterhead, business card (up to 4 individual cards) and delivery of a print-ready Iimposition bundle set up for offset printing (Pantone or CMYK colors.)

Stationery Files Supplied

Includes letterhead, business card and envelope. All stationery artwork is supplied with outlined fonts for maximum printer compatibility. We also supply editable files but these will require the appropriate fonts and design software (ie: Adobe Illustrator.) Due to licensing agreements and copyright, we generally cannot supply installable fonts. If you’re using a local commercial printer, we generally set up business cards for print on 8 12? x 11? sheet. If you’re using an online printer, they may require that business cards be uploaded individually. Consult with your designer about the appropriate set up for your planned reproduction methods.

Copyright Transfer:

Included. Legal transfer of ownership rights to stationery artwork, icon and/or illustrations applies only to finalized design. Other unselected ‘work product’ design material remains the copyright and property of The Logo Factory Inc.

File formats included:

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) files.

The vector based source files of any design project by The Logo Factory. This is a high-resolution version of your stationery and generally the format used by quality printers. For colour matching accuracy of spot color logos, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS.) For print color reference, Pantone Color Guides are available at better local printers. Resolution: Unlimited.

AI (Adobe Illustrator) files.

Vector based editable files of your stationery.

Other file formats available:

Depending on your application and reproduction of your stationery material, you may require additional file formats. Due to the extra setup time of these additional file formats, some nominal charges may apply:

PDF files (letterhead.)

Adobe Portable Document Files that are compatible with many computer applications and software. Can be used for internal office use and/or printing. May require some artwork variation from print-ready impositions to allow for limitations and print areas of most office desktop printers.

TIFF and/or JPG files.

Sometimes requested by online printing firms who are ‘gang printing’ your stationery design on a large sheet with other similar printing jobs. While not recommended by The Logo Factory, this is a common method employed by discount printers. Requires set up of individual files for each business card, letterhead and envelope. For online printing using vector-based files, see our design partners page for recommended printers.

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