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Have some questions about our services, our company or the stationery design process itself? Here are some of the more frequent ones we get asked at the shop. Click the + button to expand answers. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, visit our design help section or feel free to contact us. More answers can be found in our logo design FAQ and logo repair FAQ sections too.

What’s included in a stationery design package?
Our Stationery Design packages include letterhead, business card (up to four) and envelope design. It includes the design process, as well as the files you’ll need to take your stationery to a local printer or upload to an online printing website.
I want to print my letterhead using my desktop printer. Is this an issue?

Generally speaking, no. There are certain technical restrictions that we have to factor in, such as the requirement of most desktop printers for an ‘image area’. When any artwork is placed on a printed piece, and the artwork is located on the absolute edge of the paper, it is said to ‘bleed’, referring to the artwork ‘bleeding’ off the edges of the page. In order to get images, color fields or artwork to place to ‘bleed’, we have to print the artwork on paper that is slightly larger than the desired size and then trim it back. This can add cost to a printing job. In terms of stationery design, this can be important as many desktop printers cannot print ‘bleeds’ but rather need to place a margin (sometimes as large as 1/2? around the artwork). Accordingly, letterheads that bleed are generally not practical for use on desktop printers. If necessary, we can create two sets of files – one for desktop, one for commercial print. Your designer will talk with you about your printing plans and design your letterhead accordingly.

Can I edit my letterhead, business card design myself?

We supply you with letterheads and business card file formats in both non-editable vector files (for printer compatibility) and editable formats. Keep in mind that you’ll need the correct software and font set that are used in your stationery in order to edit it yourself. Under certain circumstances we can supply you with editable PDFs with the fonts already embedded. Here’s somethings to keep in mind. Whenever your stationery artwork file (usually an .EPS file) is opened in a computer graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator, the computer must have access to any fonts contained in the artwork. If the fonts are not available, the results can be unpredictable. In order to avoid this, any fonts that are contained in your logo are converted to vector based shapes. This allows anyone to open the artwork files, whether or not they have the fonts installed, and the logo artwork will remain consistent. Fonts converted to vectors based shapes are referred to as outlined fonts. Outlined fonts are not editable by typing new letters, but are only editable as artwork – like any vector based images. To properly edit the text in logo that features outlined fonts, your designer will have to replace the text completely. In order to do this, they will have to match the font, install that font, and then perform any editing required. This new text can then be outlined for maximum compatibility.

Can The Logo Factory supply me with the fonts used in my stationery design?
Unfortunately, and in most cases, no. Fonts are licensed from the original foundries, and copyright laws prevent us from giving these fonts to clients. In some instances, we can send you public domain font sets, but you’ll need to have access to the correct computer platform to install them on your PC. Your designer can also direct you to the original font designer where you can purchase the fonts for your own use.
Will TLF design my stationery even though I had my logo designed somewhere else?

Yes. While we’d love to work with you on your new logo, we’ll gladly design stationery for clients who already have a logo designed by somebody else. We’ll need you to provide us a copy of your logo in the correct file formats before we can begin. If you’ve been a client of The Logo Factory, we’ll have your logo on file in all the correct formats. If your logo files are in bitmap formats, or hasn’t been formatted correctly, we may have to repair the files, or convert the bitmap to a vector version before we can work on your stationery.

Does it cost more to have two-sided business cards designed?
No. We can design an optional business card back if you’d like without additional cost.
Does The Logo Factory print my stationery?
We are a design studio and while we can broker print work for clients to quality print shops, the recent improvements in print technology, as well as the availability of reasonably-priced quality printing makes this impractical for most clients. We do have recommended printers that utilize high-quality vector-based files and we’ve found to supply our clients with consistently superior print quality.

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