Logo Design FAQ

Have some questions about our services, our company or the logo design process itself? Here are some of the more frequent ones we get asked at the shop. Click the + button to expand answers. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, visit our design help section or feel free to contact us. You can also check out our stationery design FAQ and our logo repair FAQ for more.

How much does a logo cost?

That all depends on what you expect, how much you want to explore the design process and what kind of additional branding material you want to end up with. Our logo (only) packages start at $295.00 for a basic project or $495.00 if you would like more preliminary concepts and revisions. We also offer total branding packages if you want to develop a full identity complete with web and social media presence.

How long does it take to design a new logo?

We have a number of logo design packages to match your time requirements and budget. Each logo design package features a different delivery time but ALL feature the same TLF design efforts and attention to your requirements. Depending on the package required, you can have your preliminary logo designs available for review within 3 business days or for a more economical service, 1 week packages (Entry Level service). Beyond the delivery of preliminary designs, the amount of time required to complete a typical logo design project depends on the client, in terms of design revisions, modification requested, complexity of logo requests, etc. Each logo design is different but typically a project of this nature takes anywhere from one to four weeks after preliminary designs are presented until sign-off and final download of files.

Are there hidden, or additional fees for revising logos during my project?
No. All our packages have built-in revision cycles (the number of edits is detailed in our pricing area). Even if you exhaust the listed number of revision cycles included with your package, our designers are flexible and can usually accommodate a few more revisions with your project. We do not offer ‘unlimited revisions’ because ‘unlimited revisions’ promised by ANY logo design company are a myth. Rather than try to convince you with unrealistic promises, we tell you exactly what you get with any project you submit to The Logo Factory.
What is the difference between Entry level and Professional level logo packages?
Our Entry level packages are the most economical custom logo design package offered by The Logo Factory®, while our Professional package costs a little more. The differences between Entry level and Professional level packages also pertains to turn-around time of preliminary designs, time required for edits and revisions, the number of revision cycles available as well as the types of file formats supplied. One thing to keep in mind is that generally speaking, and due to the additional studio time required, illustrative logos are generally not available under an Entry level package. For further clarification, please feel free to contact us.
Do clients selecting a higher level package get preferential treatment, or access to more experienced designers?

No. All our logo design projects are assigned to the same designers, regardless of the package selected. The difference between the packages is outlined above. We do not give ANY project preferential treatment – every logo created by our studio gets the very best effort we can give it. We want to make you look good, because creating a great design for your company makes us look good too.

Can I purchase logos featured in The Logo Factory galleries?

Sorry, but no. Unless specifically noted, all artwork presented on our website is the intellectual property, copyright or trademark of the client we created it for (and we use here with permission.) We do – from time to time – release stock artwork and you’re welcome to purchase the EXCLUSIVE rights to any of these ‘inventory’ works.

Some logo design sites advertise ‘unlimited revisions.’ The Logo Factory does not. Why?

Anyone who advertises ‘unlimited revisions’ is is being a little disingenuous, promising you the moon, to get you to sign on the dotted line. What does unlimited revisions mean – 100 revisions? (no, more) 1000 revisions? (no, more) – it means just that – unlimited. They promise that you can change this logo from now till doomsday. Your grand kids can be altering this logo concept – trying to get it right. Sounds kind of goofy, doesn’t it? (not to mention, a promise that’s impossible to keep). With our Gold and Platinum packages we simply tell clients that we’ll revise any logo project ‘within reason’. This concept has served is well since 1996, and everybody tends to know what ‘within reason’ means. Besides, if a logo isn’t working after a tweak here and there, it’s never going to be forced into a form that you like. Regardless of how many revisions. Better to start again, with a true professional. And obtain a logo that can be altered into a acceptable form in two, or three revisions. Besides, it turns out that unlimited logo revisions are a myth.

Does The Logo Factory use clip art or stock logos?

Absolutely not. The use of clip art logos is forbidden in The Logo Factory with ANY design project. In fact, we have had a strict Clip Art Free Zone policy since day one. We also don’t use ‘Pre-Made’ logos, recycled logos (rejects from previous design projects) or DIY logo generator software. All our logos are built lovingly, by hand, from the ground up. Other companies that you may find on the internet may not be so original.

Does The Logo Factory use "ready-made" or logo "templates?"
No. Logo templates are an exceptionally bad idea (read how we ended up purchasing a logo that we designed from an online logo template site). The idea of using the same logo that other companies are also using runs contrary to the very idea of an effective logo design and identity. This also applies to any so-called logo generator web sites who will actually claim that their libraries aren’t clip art (while that’s EXACTLY what they are), ‘Over 5,000 unique logos’ (it’s a library of second rate logo rejects and there is NOTHING unique about any of them. In fact, they can and/or have been downloaded for multiple companies). The simple truth is that these ‘solutions’ are woefully inadequate for any type of professional presence.
Once I finalize a design, who own the rights to the logo?

Once your logo design project is completed – you do. The Logo Factory sends signed copyright transfer documents with your final files. Copyright protection is automatic in any design creation. We can also assist you in trademarking your logo should you decide to go this more formal (and expensive) route. Should any ownership disputes arise, The Logo Factory will work with our clients to establish their proprietary rights. We regularly monitor other design sites (who routinely use our client’s property without authorization in their portfolios) logo contest sites (where our work is sometimes entered) to ensure that our client’s rights are not infringed upon. We take our client’s copyright and trademark protection seriously – it is, after all, our business.

Can I purchase the other logos created during my project as well as the logo I finalized on?

Yes. Many of our clients often purchase one (or more) of the preliminary designs originally proposed. The purchase price of one of these other designs is $150.00 and includes file format setups and ownership transfer.

What kind of logo files do I receive?

All of our projects end with file formats that can be taken to any printer. The exact types and number of file formats can vary depending on the design package you have selected, but our basic file format bundle generally consists of the following (For more information on file formats, please visit our design help centre for a variety of technical articles):

(your job).EPS – Your logo in Encapsulated Postscript format. This vector based logo format is readable by both PC and Macintosh (Apple) desktop and publishing software. This is the file you would require for traditional reproduction (printing). It is both scalable (can be re-sized without any degradation in quality) and editable. It can be utilized by most commercial printers and software packages. This file contains all your new logo fonts, colours (Pantone Matching System) that will assure uniform colour accuracy in all future uses. These formats will be in spot color or four color process setups, depending on the number of colors in your logo.

(your job).GIF – Your logo as it appeared on your client page. (72 dpi 216 index colour). This pixel based logo is suitable for web or other low-resolution reproduction. Non-platform. This file will be optimized in web-safe colours for rapid download on the web, as well as true colour accuracy on all platforms and browsers. As this file is non-scalable (cannot be re-sized without image degradation) we supply several pixel width sizes which can all be imported into web pages ’size-is’ for maximum image quality, resolution and colour accuracy.

(Your job).JPG – A hi-resolution .JPG version of your logo artwork. This high-resolution file (300 dpi – dots per inch) can be converted and imported into most desktop publishing and word processing software that supports the tiff and/or .JPG format. This file can be re-sized (down) and be used as monitor friendly (RGB) or print friendly (CMYK). This pixel-based image can also be imported in popular image-manipulation programs like Adobe Photoshop for special effects. For more on files, formats, uses and possible conversions see our conversion charts in our logo design technical area.

Other Formats available at no additional charge: (your job).BMP, (your job).TIF, (your job).PICT, (your job).PNG, (your job).PDF. Please advise your designer of format requirements at completion of your logo and we would be happy to supply these in addition to the formats listed above. See our logo format reference guide for the different files and their applications.

Other formats available and included in premium and professional packages:

(your job).linear.EPS – A one tone (black) version of your new logo for use on faxes, invoices and other low-reproduction quality media. This logo is redrawn with this use in mind rather than simply converted in to a grayscale from the original source files. This enables the most-effective representation of your logo in a low-resolution, black and white use. This is also a vector based logo with all the advantages that entails.

(your job).greyscale.EPS – A half-tone (black) version of your new logo. This logo is recreated with tonal differences in mind. Sometimes, colours that contrast vividly with their neighbors, blend together when simply converted to black and white. Only through careful conversion can the original color integrity of your logo be maintained in halftone.

Other Formats available at minimal charge: (some are included in premium packages): The Logo Factory can also supply .SWF files (flat color-matched Adobe Flash format for rapid import into Adobe Flash logo animations), fully layered .FLA. files (layered, separated and labeled color-matched Flash source files that can be quickly animated using Flash – All Flash formats are vector based and scalable for sizing on the web. The Logo Factory can also create Flash intro animation that can be used on web sites and as screen savers.), animated .GIF files for non plug-in animation of the web. Charges for these formats depend on the complexity of your logo (contact our customer service department upon completion of your work for a detailed quote).

Can I take the logo files supplied by The Logo Factory and make my own stationery?
Yes. However, you will need a software program that can create stationery files, or output artwork to your desktop printer. Depending on the software you use, you can import either the pixel or vector based version of your logo. We supply both so it’s not an issue. If you would like us to design your stationery, we can do that too.
Can I use the files that The Logo Factory supplies to use in my own website material and desktop programs?

Yes. In additional to vector based files, we also supply pixel based formats (.JPGs, .PNGs and .GIFs) which can be used on your website, or in most desktop office software.

What should I think about before starting a logo design project?

Before contracting a logo designer to create your new corporate image, you should have an idea of the image you want to portray. Funky. Cutting edge, Conservative. The ‘buzz’ words of business. You should think about whether you want an Illustrative logo (a logo that includes an illustrative representation of what your company does), an iconic logo (a logo that includes a graphic – or abstract – representation of what your company does), a text (font) based logo (a dynamic type treatment that is unique to your company), a graphic logo (an illustrative/iconic hybrid) or a combination of all three. You can view examples of all three logo types in our logo design portfolio.

You should also consider the future usage of your logo as this can determine the technical set up of your design and might pose some design limitations (your TLF designer can advise you of these limitations and possible workarounds). You should also be aware of some of the technical restrictions of certain types of logos. We can steer you around ALL the pitfalls and make sure you avoid some fairly common errors.

You should also consider color choices – whether you utilize a two spot color, or four color process design will greatly impact any reproduction rates in the future. While not critical in the initial design phases, your choice of corporate color will have a ripple effect throughout ALL your corporate ‘look-and-feel’ material and is a decision that should not be taken lightly in the final stages of the design process. Once again, our logo designers can advise you on the ways to maximize your reproduction possibilities while maintaining your logo dynamics. The Logo Factory designers share some logo design tips here.

What are some common issues during a logo design project?
There are many, but ‘problem’ projects (i.e. – logo design projects that drag on, without any clear resolution) all seem to have one, or more, of the following characteristics (see here for a full list of common logo design mistakes);
Not keeping your logo ‘metaphor’ light. While it’s nice for your logo to actually ‘mean’ something (i.e. – this colour represents growth, this dot represents our product) sometimes clients wish to write ‘War-and-Peace’ with their logo metaphors. The most memorable logos are also the most simple; the memorable complex logos are often highly rendered illustrations. Dozens of swooshes, dots and colors – all professing to ‘mean’ something will not mean anything to the first time viewer. Any logo has a nanosecond to grab someone’s attention. The simpler – the better.

Design by Committee. Perhaps the most difficult project for a designer. A large group of people are responsible for selecting, approving and modifying the logo design throughout the various design stages. Keep in mind that it usually the loudest (and dare we say – the committee staffer with the largest ego) who invariably makes their opinion heard – not the committee member who has a keen sense of design. Better to select a ‘voice’ for the committee who is keenly aware of your group’s goals.

Art directing the project. As designers, we are trained in many aspects of design, graphics and technology. By the time you view preliminary designs, we have attempted every variation of that particular design, having moved swooshes, right, left, up and down. Micro-tweaks will not improve the design if it is not to your liking. Best to tell your designer that you’re not happy with the design, and work from fresh proposals. It’s highly unlikely a design that does not have the ah-ha factor can be forced into a design that you love by moving its elements around.

Purse Shopping (a close relative of art-directing the job) – when you view your new logo and your reaction is instant. “There it is! It’s perfect! Just what I want”. At this point, the purse-shopping phenomenon can kick in – “Now, why don’t we try moving the text down, the globe to the right?” If you have developed a killer logo, your reaction will be similar to the people you’re trying to reach. Fumbling around for a ‘better’ version of a ‘perfect’ logo will only weaken its design, or worse, lose the original appeal completely. It would appear that most purse shopping is brought on by client’s desire to get their ‘money’s worth’, and exhausting what they perceive is the time paid for in the design charges. Remember, you’re not paying for someone to put X number of hours into your design. You’re looking for that designer to utilize their years of experience, skill, talents and knowledge of software into creating the icon that will represent your company for years. Milking a design for a few dollars can only hurt its integrity.

Will The Logo Factory sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement?)

Yes. Many of our design projects are undertaken for large corporations who plan product and company launches months, even years, in advance. In order to work on their projects, The Logo Factory may need access to proprietary information which our clients wish to keep as trade secrets. Accordingly, when we’re asked, we’re more than happy to sign client-supplied non-disclosure agreements or similar contracts. You should also keep in mind that unlike other online companies who charge you a premium to host ‘private’ projects all design projects at our studio are completely private until you’re ready to release your new corporate identity to the world.

Does The Logo Factory contract my project out to freelance designers, use logo design contests, or crowdsourcing platforms?
No. All our designers are in-house and available to you by e-mail, phone or chat. If you’re in the area, you can even drop-by and talk to your designer face-to-face. We do not use logo design contests due to the inherent risk of contracting your project out to anonymous designers and design hobbyists. The same goes for design crowdsourcing sites (see here for some of the issues with design crowdsourcing). We built The Logo Factory on supplying our clients with custom, original logo design artwork, and are of the opinion that neither logo design contests or crowdsourcing sites would allow us to continue that approach to how we work.
Can I add stationery to my logo design package (if it's not already included) once I have commenced my project?
Yes, you can still upgrade to a PLUS logo package if you upgrade before finalizing your logo. After that, you can still purchase a stationery design package, but it will not be at the discounted price of a PLUS package.
Does The Logo Factory provide printing services?

Not directly, no. We are a design studio, and only a design studio. We do have recommended printing partners that we suggest you utilize (you’ll also receive discounts on your first order). We only recommend printers (and other design partners) who we’ve found to deliver professional, high-quality and relatively economical results each and every time. We do not recommend discounted printers as we’ve found their quality to be hap-hazard and sometimes sub-par.

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