Choosing an appropriate font for a logo may appear a complex task unless you’re aware of some basic typography concepts, styles and options. A handy infographic explains some of the basics.

In the absolute, almost every logo features a type component, the company name most likely – perhaps a tagline or business description – and this part of the design is every bit as important as the icon or symbol iself. Selecting an appropriate font or typeface is critical to the success of any particular logo design project, though it’s often viewed by designers and clients alike as simply a final step where some letters are added to the graphic centerpiece. This infographic outlines some of the various options avaiable, what certain typefaces represent as well as terms and concepts that are important to know.


If you’d like a bigger version of this infographic, download it here ( File size: 312 KB Dimensions: 1200 px × 4006 px)