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Have some questions about our logo repair services, rendering or vectorization? Here are some of the more frequent ones we get asked at the shop. Click the + button to expand answers. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, visit our design help section or feel free to contact us. You can find more answers in our logo design FAQ and stationery design FAQ sections too.

What are file formats?

Whenever your logo is stored as a digital file, it is saved as different types of images, each having its own particular use. These types of images are referred to as file formats and feature different file extensions like .eps, .jpg, .png or .jpg. Understanding the uses of various file formats is critical to the successful application of your brand, especially for the do-it-yourselfer. Here’s an introduction to logo formats and an overview of how they’re used.

What is the difference between logo repair and logo design?
In a traditional custom logo design project, our designers start from scratch and present preliminary concepts and original ideas that you can work with to create a completely new logo. With our logo repair service you supply our studio with source material to work from, be it digital files (.JPGs .GIFs, .PNGs or .BMPs) and/or sketches which our design team then renders into suitable artwork and file formats.
How long does it take before I can view my newly repaired logo?
After you submit a logo repair project, you’ll be able to view preliminary versions on your client page in 3 business days. Any additional revisions (depending on the package you’ve selected) will generally be completed within 1 business day after submission. If you’re in a hurry, you can also opt for our rush logo repair and view preliminary versions of your logo within 3 hours of project submission.
How do I determine if my repair project falls under a basic or complex repair package?
Sometimes the difference between a complex and basic repair is subtle and requires an assessment by our design department. Generally speaking however, if your logo is fairly simple and you have access to digital files (low resolution .GIF, .PNG and .JPG formats are fine) then a basic logo repair will suffice. If, on the other hand, your logo is complicated, illustrative, photo-realistic or you only have access to printed versions then you’ll need to order a complex logo repair. This is also true if you wish us to work from your supplied sketches and doodles. If you require further clarification on your particular project, contact our client support department.
Can I really have my logo in 3 hours?
Yes. Our designers can deliver your repaired logo in 3 hours under our rush logo repair service. Keep in mind that we need to take a look at your source material to assess if we can, or can’t, deliver material in that time frame. Logo repair can be a lengthy process, especially for complicated logo artwork, and we don’t want to promise you something we can’t deliver.
What happens if you’re unable to post my rush logo repair within the three hour period. Do I receive a discount?

If we fall short of our three hour delivery time, we’ll treat the project as an alternative repair (when you submit your project we’ll give you an alternative option – that is, what package – basic or complex – that we’d normally require to complete your repair). We’ll deduct the price of that package from your retainer and refund the rest. At the very worst, you’ll end up with a complex or basic logo repair delivered much faster than is usual.

What do I get?
After the completion of your logo repair project, we’ll supply you with vector based .EPS and .AI files and a range of pixel based bitmap image formats so that you can use your new logo in print, on websites and blogs, on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. Generally speaking, we can create any format that you’ll require.
How do I take delivery of my repaired logo?
You can download your logo (once finished) directly from your client page. We can also send different file formats to you via e-mail (depending on any size limits you may have on your account.) CD versions can be sent to you by mail – files are delivered in cross-platform CDs for complete compatibility for third party service providers (ie.: film/art service bureaus and/or printers.)
Does a logo repair project allow for modifications or ‘tweaks’ to my logo?
Yes. All our logo repair packages include at least one revision round, so you can request modifications and edits from your designer as well as the initial rendering and repair.
concept. Can I submit a logo repair project or do I need to sign-up for a logo design project?
Generally speaking, we can work with your sketches and doodles under a complex logo repair package. Keep in mind that these sketches need to be fairly finished – no stick figures for example – and we reserve the right to refuse logo repair projects where the source material is not developed enough. Our client support department can help you select the appropriate project based on your requirements and any source material you might have.
Why does The Logo Factory not transfer copyright for Logo Repair projects as you do with Logo Design Projects?
As we are performing a technical service and simply rendering your designs into usable formats there is no need for TLF to transfer copyright. In fact, we can’t transfer copyright because we don’t own it – you do. In order that your ownership rights are clear, we also ask you to warrant that you’ve sufficient rights to the image you’re supplying to us to request a logo repair in the first place. As with all our design work, the ownership of material is critical, especially if you’re going to use this work as a logo trademark or service mark.

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