To commemorate Ontario’s upcoming 150th birthday (anniversary or whatever we’re calling it,) the Provincial Government announced a new Ontario 150 logo to rally around. Is it indicative of a celebration? You tell us. And oh yeah, Fireworks.

2017 marks the 150 th anniversary (birthday, whatever) of Canada, and as Ontario was one of the founding provinces, it’s also theirs too. There’s a new Ontario 150 website.ontario-150-logo-websiteThat website features the new Ontario 150 logo, as announced on the Twitter machine on Friday afternoon.

According to the Ontario Government newsroom, the logo is but a small bit part of some very big plans to ring in the 150th anniversary (birthday, whatever.)

“An Ontario150 logo and an updated version of Ontario’s unofficial anthem, A Place to Stand, which was written for a short film of the same name screened at the Ontario Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal.”

I found the entire enterprise a bit weird, especially those green squiggly lines, so like any concerned Ontario citizen, hassled the government on Twitter to find out what’s what with their new design..

Not much of an answer mind you, but the link went here, where there’s some sort of firework animation going on (click the little white arrow in the blue circle.)

Yay. Fireworks. I guess.

Weaponized logos.

Like any logo rollout on Twitter (especially anything with a political connection) the logo quickly became weaponized, with partisan Twitter trolls piling on, taking their shots at the Liberal Government, kinda ignoring the logo:

As for the design itself, it’s a bit off putting if anyone was to ask me (they didn’t, but whatever.) Not very celebratory at all – does this logo scream “happy birthday!” to you? – and some really bizarre typography going on (I rummaged around the various Ontario 150 websites to find a decent resolution image or even a vector, couldn’t, so quickly image traced this image. It’s pretty close but not EXACTLY the new logo, so don’t pass this one around guys.) ontario-150-logo-rough-vectorThere’s no rhyme or reason for the lower case “i” in Ontario at all. Why is it there? And while we’re at it, why does that “i” drop all the way down to the bottom? The placement of the 150 under the Ontario isn’t terribly well thought out or executed either. And that hand-drawn/not really hand-drawn typeface?

Not a big fan of this one at all.

Here’s another version kicking around the Internet (this is the real McCoy) and it’s doesn’t get any better with fireworks (Yay. Fireworks.)

Not much news action on this yet (Friday afternoon is a dead zone for news dumps and is generally when people announce things they’d rather nobody notice) but I’m sure as long as this logo a) didn’t cost a bazillion dollars of Ontario taxpayer money or b) wasn’t outsourced to some company in the USA all will be fine. At least its not as much a disaster as the 2 year Canada 150 logo fiasco.

And it doesn’t look like anyone’s genitals.