Pixel & Vector Character Logo

Pixel & Vector

Branding our format guides, we had two choices – predictable & technical or colorful & zany.

Pixel & Vector Ultimate Guide to Logo Formats cover

Pixel & Vector

If you don’t need to be taken too seriously, mascots are great for bringing personality to a brand.

Pixel Vector Type Logo

A (Cartoon) Man & His Dog

When it comes to logos, file formats is an often confusing and misunderstood aspect of the design process. To clear some of this up, we’ve always featured pretty decent technical articles on our websites and blogs, and like everything at The Logo Factory, they needed to be branded too. Rather than going for dry and technical, we decided on a colorful and zany approach – developing two cartoon characters to act as ‘tour guides.’ Pixel – the dog – paints in pixels using his tail. Vector – the construction guy – uses a pen tool and designs in vectors. They’re both on the cover of our upcoming Ultimate Guide To Logo File Formats booklet. We even made a cool little PV animation. You can view that here.

The Pixel & Vector Ultimate Guide to Logo File Formats
The Pixel & Vector Show Screengrab

A screengrab from the opening montage of the Pixel & Vector show (a in-house animation on the technical issues of logo file formats.) Below, Vector shows us how a vector-based file is structured with control points.

Vector explains vectors
(Below) Pixel explains how raster images are made up of little colored squares. Guess what they’re called?
Pixel explains pixels

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