When it came to branding our new media sister company, we wanted a logo that was a little more techno. Here it is..


Animation & Digital

There’s very little we can’t do with a well-designed logo. We can even make it move..

PixelWurx Small Font Logo

Where wonderful things happen.

PixelWürx New Media Inc. was always envisioned as an upscale boutique version of The Logo Factory but focusing on animation & web development. Even though the company was officially incorporated in 2000, it never really got the launch it deserved. The PixelWurx logo’s been overhauled on numerous occasions over the years too, but in this latest incarnation, we decided to go back to our roots – the first cube concept from 15 years ago. We’ve cleaned it up a bit, but the flavor remains the same. Look for a relaunch of the PixelWürx site in the next few months.

The Logo.

The PW icon is made from several representative elements – the cube is a 3D pixel (we were big into the 3D thing at the time.) The circles on the circumference of the cube represent vector points (a nod to Flash’s then revolutionary way of handling vector graphics for animation.) Though the PixelWürx logo has been tweaked many times since conception, one thing has remained constant – even when static, the icon is meant to evoke movement & animation.

PixelWurx Icon Configurations

The Oldies.

This is actually the third imagining of the PixelWürx brand. There was the original ‘tinker toy’ cube logo from 2000. Like the current version, that icon represented a 3D cube with vector control points at the corners. Like so:

The Original PixeWurx Logo
Ignoring the advice we usually give to clients, we tend to get bored with our own brands before they gain any noticeable traction and want to change things up. A couple of years back, we attempted this re-brand of PW:
Alternate PixeWurx Logo
While cool and all, it didn’t have the cutting edge vibe we were after. We did experiment with some nifty little 3D animations though (the original PW colors were red & black:)

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