Rush Repair

Logo Repair (Only)
  • Same file requirements as our Basic & Complex logo repair packages.
  • 3 hour delivery of repaired files (requires initial assessment)
  • Professional file formats
  • Add stationery design for $100 (save $95)
  • Copyright transfer N/A (we do not claim ownership of the material you supply, nor can we transfer it.)


With Stationery
  • Add stationery design with an $100.00 PLUS upgrade (reg. $195.) Letterhead, business card (up to 4 individual cards) and envelope design. Available as payment option when you submit your Rush logo repair project.

Rush Logo Repair

Same day delivery. 3 hour turnaround

logo-repair-iconOur Rush logo rendering package is a 3-hour rendering, formatting and logo clean up service. Our design staff will take your rough sketches and/or low-resolutions files and manually clean them up using the latest in design software. We’ll create hi-resolution digital formats of your logo, create color palettes (Pantone Matching System or CMYK colors) and prep files for traditional, web and electronic use. This is the fastest delivery of ANY of our logo and design services.


Pricing – $395.00

Full payment of $395.00 payable upon project submission.

Repaired Logo Delivery:

3 hours for initial preview. Exclusive Factory Floor client page for your project.

Maximum Number Of Design Revisions:

1 revision round after initial repair.

Design Restrictions:

Our Rush logo rendering package is a logo rendering and formatting service only. Concepts and design proposals NOT included. Logo repair is performed on original digital material or from sketches or doodles supplied by you. For a logo involving concepts and design, please select from our custom logo design services.

File Formats Delivered:

Professional file format bundle of your logo including print and web files.

Professional File Formats

Delivered by download from your client page. CD by mail available. (US & Canadian clients only – International clients subject to S/H charge.)

Copyright Transfer:

N/A. As we are performing logo repair work on a design that you already own the rights too, we do not claim copyright to the design, nor can we transfer it.

Add-Ons Included:

N/A Logo only.

Upgrades Available:

PLUS stationery design available at additional charge.

File formats included:

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) files:

Spot Color Vector File

Spot color (above) or full color (below)

Full Color Vector

The vector-based source files of any design by The Logo Factory. This is a editable and scalable version of your new logo from which anyone can create all other formats and image types. This file is generally the format used by quality printers. For color matching accuracy of spot color logos, we use the Pantone Matching System (PMS). For print color reference, Pantone Color Guides are available at better local printers.

Resolution: Unlimited.

JPG & PNG files:

Two Color Bitmap

Full Color Bitmap Version

Industry standard for the distribution of high-quality images, while still remaining small enough in file size for bandwidth and download speed concerns. Can be either CMYK or RGB. Supplied in multiple resolutions – 300 DPI (print production and/or special FX) to 72 DPI (web site and other electronic reproduction). Resolution – Varied. 300 dpi (PX) Print, 72 dpi (PX) for electronic. PNG files can feature transparent backgrounds and can be placed on colored backgrounds.

GIF files:

These relatively low resolution files (72 DPI) are almost exclusively for web site usage. A .GIF image can feature transparent backgrounds for use on different color web pages. If your logo colors and/or treatment cannot be rendered accurately using the limited color palette of the .GIF format, your designer will supply .JPG alternatives. Resolution: 72 dpi (PX).

Black & white grayscale:

Black & White Greyscale Vector

In both vector (above) and bitmap (below)

Black & White Halftone Bitmap

A black and white grayscale version of your logo is a version that is made up of tones which are in turn made up from varying sizes of black dots. A grayscale version of your logo is suitable for BW print reproduction, resolution permitting. This version of your logo will be supplied in vector and bitmap formats.

Black & white linear:

Black & White Linear Vector

In both vector (above) and bitmap (below)


A black and white linear version of your logo is a version that is made up of solid black. There are no half-tones (screens) or grays. This is the best type of logo for use on low-resolution reproduction. This version of your logo will be supplied in vector and bitmap formats.

Rush logo repair terms & conditions.

Project scope: Our 3 hour Rush repair packages only include clean-up, rendering and formatting and do not include any design, preliminary design work or concepts. For a logo project requiring any of these design steps, please see one of our custom logo design packages.

Eligibility: Any 3 Rush repair project must first be assessed by our designers as to ascertain the projects suitability for a 3 hour delivery time. The Logo Factory reserves the right to determine if a logo repair project qualifies for a 3 hour turnaround. If we cannot commit to a 3 hour turnaround, the client, at their option, may submit either a Basic or Complex logo repair project. Too, The Logo Factory reserves the right to refuse any rush logo render project if the source material (files, sketches and/or digital images) are not developed or rendered to a point that allows us to work from the submitted material. If submitted work does not qualify for a rush render project, the client, at their option, may submit a new custom logo design project. Such submission will be treated as a new project and can be re-opened in conjunction with appropriate terms and conditions.

Timing: The 3 hour time frame listed in our Rush repair service refers to projects submitted before 12 noon (EST) and the delivery of preliminary designs within a 3 hour time frame after such submission. For any project submitted outside business hours (9 am EST to 6 PM EST) preliminary designs will be presented to client within three hours of the start of The Logo Factory‘s next business day. For any Rush repair project submitted after 12 noon (EST), but within our standard business hours, preliminary logos will be presented within 3 hours of the start of next business day unless 3 hour scheduling is available. Once a 3 hour Rush repair project has been initiated by client though submission of the appropriate order forms, all monies paid for said project become non-refundable unless:

Delivery: If, for any reason, The Logo Factory fails to deliver preliminary designs within the 3 hours as listed above, we will ‘downgrade’ the project to an appropriate logo repair project (as listed in the project’s logo assessment form) and will refund the client the difference in amounts paid for a standard Basic or Complex logo repair, or;

Substitution: if, before any design work has been initiated, The Logo Factory determines that the project submitted does not qualify for a logo repair project, the client, at their option, may submit a new custom logo design project. Such submission will be treated as a new project and can be submitted in conjunction with an adjustment of pricing, appropriate terms and conditions.

Intellectual property rights: You must warrant that you have the rights to the artwork being repaired, and that use of such work, to the best of your knowledge, does not infringe on the copyright of others. As the original artwork is supplied by the client, The Logo Factory does not claim, nor can we transfer, copyright of same for any artwork created during the performance of logo rendering services. The Logo Factory reserves the right to refuse any logo repair project if we believe that said project infringes on the Copyright and/or Trademarks of other parties. See our terms and conditions for more information.

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