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Turning messy logos into pristine web & print files

You’ve already got a nifty new company logo. It’s a great reflection of your company, and it’s philosophies. The colors are perfect. The text is bang-on. Everything is perfect. But when you take your new logo to a printer, you’re told that it’s not in the correct file format. Or it’s the wrong resolution and you cannot change the image size without massive image degradation. This video explains it all.

Logo Repair Before & After

An incorrect file format can cost you big time.

It comes as a shock that your new logo design is in something called RGB format, and printing your new business cards is going to cost a fortune because you really need to use something called four color process printing (rather than the much more economical spot color reproduction,) you’re missing a vector based .EPS file and only have access to a bitmap image.

Logo Repair Before & After
The planned launch of your new corporate identity is now in jeopardy. Not to worry. We’ll repair your logo, creating all the file formats you’ll need – print, web, and electronic– and supply you with all the digital material you’ll need to effectively manage your new brand logo, consistently and economically. And you can accomplish this quickly without ever leaving your desk.

Service Details:

Logo repair deliverables:

• Exclusive private Factory Floor client page for your project.

• 3 business day delivery of preliminary designs depending on the package you’ve selected (rush service available.)

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• Depending on the logo repair package you’ve selected, you’ll receive either a Basic File Format bundle or a Professional File Format bundle of your logo.

Files & Fomrats Delivered

All our our format bundles include print, web and office files. Delivered by download from your client page and CD via mail by request (courier delivery available.)

• Our logo repair PLUS package also includes stationery design.

Our logo repair process

How it works:

To repair your logo, our designers take your ‘diamond in the rough’ artwork – be it blurry digital images or a hard copy printed version – and clean it up manually using professional design software to create a vector based source file. As we’re logo perfectionists at our studio, we opt for hand rendering each and every time – while tracing ‘by hand’ takes longer than automatic solutions, we’ve always found auto tracing images through software to be unpredictable and unable to create ‘clean’ files. Once we have this vector based version of your logo, we can create bitmap based images, .JPGs and .PNGs. for example, at any size and at any resolution. Vector files are practically required for print.


Minor edits & revisions are okay too.

While we’re building these new files, our designers will also be able to make minor revisions and changes to your logo without any additional charge.

The artwork will be posted on our client only Factory Floor, where you can login to make sure the repaired version is up to your standards, and that any changes are to your satisfaction. Once you’re approved the repair, our designers will then created properly formatted color palettes for electronic and web use. They’ll also set up a file format bundle so that you’ll have the proper file formats whenever you need them. Once the formats of your logo have been created, we’ll make everything available for download from your client page.

Water Color Logo Repair

Getting started – what we’ll need.

In order to determine whether your logo repair would be a basic or complex project, we’ll need to take a look at what we’ll have to work from. You can send us your artwork by the methods listed below. While the version you send us won’t be perfect (or you wouldn’t need a logo repair in the first place), the better quality we’re working from, the better chance we have of restoring the design to its former glory.

Logo repair or logo design – which is appropriate for your project?

Which should you choose – a logo design project, or a logo repair project? That all depends on the material you have for us to start with, as well as your expectations in terms of revisions, design exploration or whether you want our staff to provide new logo design ideas. Here’s a general overview of what kind of project is suitable for some common scenarios.

A logo DESIGN project is appropriate when:

You only have a vague or general idea of what direction your branding should take and accordingly you want our design team to create several design proposals and concepts for your new logo. A logo design project is also appropriate when you wish to ‘explore’ the process with a variety of designs, styles and concepts to choose from. Generally speaking, if you do not have any material from which we can work from (sketches, doodles, digital file formats) and want to start ‘from scratch’, then a logo design project is the best choice.


A logo REPAIR project is appropriate when:

You already have some preliminary material for us to work from, bitmap images for example, or you already have a logo that requires some touch-up, cleanup or a name change. Keep in mind that logo repair pacakges are limited in the number of revisions and design edits, so it’s fairly important that your supplied material is consistent with the desired finished logo. Under our Complex Repair we can also take your sketches and doodles and convert them into print and web ready artwork. Here are some other scenarios where a logo repair project is appropriate:

Formatting and redesign: If you already have a logo and wish to have it cleaned up, ‘modernized’, a name change added, or your logo converted from a bitmap version to a vector file, then a Logo Repair should suffice. Under most cases, these kinds of alterations can be performed as part of a basic logo repair.

Artwork cleanup: If you have low-resolution files of your logo and require high-resolution versions, or you wish to change colors or typography on an old printed version of your design, a logo repair is the correct choice for you.

Vector redraw: If you have a logo that is in a non-digital format (ie: sketches or illustrations) and need your logo to be scalable and adaptable to a wide range of media, you’ll require a logo repair. In most cases, artwork like this requires a Complex Logo Repair.

Working from your sketches: In some instances, clients may already have semi-final sketches of their logo ideas. If that’s the case, The Logo Factory can ‘render’ these sketches into final logo artwork with appropriate typography and color schemes. We can then supply you with a full range pf professional file formats, suitable for every application. In most cases, this would require a Complex Logo Repair package. Please note – sketches must be fairly well ‘developed’ to qualify for a Logo Repair project.

Should you require further clarification, please contact us.

Terms specific to logo repair services:

1) Our logo repair packages only include clean-up, rendering and formatting and do not include any design, preliminary design work or concepts. For a logo project requiring any of these design steps, please see one of our custom logo design packages.

2) The Logo Factory Inc. reserves the right to determine if a logo repair project qualifies for either a Basic or Complex repair. For assistance on your particular project, please contact our client support. Too, The Logo Factory reserves the right to refuse any logo repair project if the source material (files, sketches and/or digital images) are not developed or rendered to a point that allows us to work from the submitted material.

3) Before engaging The Logo Factory Inc. for our logo repair services, you must warrant that you have the rights to the artwork being repaired, and that use of such work, to the best of your knowledge, does not infringe on the copyright of others. As the original artwork is supplied by the client, The Logo Factory Inc. does not claim, nor can we transfer, copyright of same for any artwork created during the performance of logo repair services. The Logo Factory Inc. reserves the right to refuse any logo repair project if we believe that said project infringes on the copyright and/or logo trademarks of other parties.

Fix up your old logo & save.

Why should you pay a design company (including ours) to create your logo from scratch, when it’s already designed and you just need someone who knows what they’re doing to create the correct file formats? At The Logo Factory you can select our logo repair services, where our top-shelf designers use their technical skills to copy business logos into a complete range of professionally formatted images ready to use in their correct formats. Without having to pay for the creative time required in our custom logo design packages.


Logo Repair services at our shop.

We offer three levels of service based on the kind of material you can supply us – be it digital or printed (sketches and/or doodles), how fast you need your logo repaired, and the variety of final file formats you require. All our logo repair packages will give you the print and web ready formats that you need to utilize your newly repaired logo on the widest range of media imaginable.


Logo Repair (Only)
  • For moderately complex logos & decent source material. Basic print/web files.


Logo Repair (Only)
  • For highly complex logos or poor source material to work from. Professional print/web files.

Rush Repair

Logo Repair (Only)
  • 3 hour delivery of final files. Requires initial consultation. Professional print/web files.

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